Error when trying to Sync events in the android app (version 2.4.3)

I am having a problem with syncing data in the Android App version 2.4.3
Everytime I try to sync the events, I receive the message “Sync finished but we did not receive server confirmation for all records. Those record are still marked as offline in the App. We recommend to retry the synchronization”
Please help.

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HI @ChipoChitambi .

This clearly shows an error with some of your records. Are you perfroming a full data sync via the Settings > Sync Data? If that is the case I recommend performing a granular sync for one of the faulty records as the log presented will be likely more helpful. For this, go to the faulty TEI and click on the sync button (either red or grey arrows). The App will ask for confirmation. Perform the sync and check if the log is more useful. It might complain about a DataElement being mandatory and not set or something like that.

You could also find the description of the errors for the global sync in the Settings > Open Sync Error log


Hello @jaime.bosque , Thanks for your suggestion. I discovered what the problem was. The records were not syncing because they had expired. So once I extended the expiration period, they were able to sync.


hi, @ChipoChitambi
how extended the expiration period?
thank you