Error when launching

hello DHIS team
i was making a new install for dhis2 since its my first use.
i am getting the 404 error when i launch the software.
i have attached the screenshot of all files, the conf, environment and error,
i downloaded
postgresql 11.7 also installed postgis extension
apache tomcat 9
java - jdk and jre all are installed
also i downloaded war file 2.34.0 and i renamed it to dhis.war, its from below link
DHIS 2 WAR-file 2.34.0

I followed instructions at

please help me to solve this

Hello, your post is documenting your setup very well. But can you also share your Tomcat server log?

If you access localhost:8080 do you see Tomcat running?
Have you put the dhis.war file under the webapps folder of Tomcat?

hello team,
and others
i have sent some files as you have said. and the problem i still here. i can not access anything within DHIS2.

below is the error log file created today
error log file.pdf (258.3 KB)

some of the files within the dhis folder in webapps folder are below

my webapps folder looks as below file

and when i try to access the localhost:8080
the below page open up

Can you please verify that your Tomcat config matches the one explained here: Home - DHIS2 Documentation (Section 9.4.8) ?