Error when creating TEA and DE: Attribute `xsOK0ms8YJv` is required, but no value was found


Iam using DHIS 2 version 2.33.

When I create Tracked entity atributes and DEs, I get the following: Attribute xsOK0ms8YJv is required, but no value was found. All required fields are completed. On Sierra Leone Demo, I get the same error.

Hi @dmbantu,

Thanks for raising this issue! I have taken a closer look and it seems that this happens because there’s a mandatory attribute called “columnMandatory”. The maintenance app doesn’t register the value, because the checkbox wasn’t triggered, but this is wrong. I registered an issue and hopefully our apps team can solve it soon :). Here’s the issue if you want to track it:

In the meantime, the workaround would be to check that checkbox. You can then uncheck it if you don’t want that value to be “true”.