Error - Upgrade from to

Hi everyone,
Whenever I try the above upgrade, it fails. I have attached the logs. Our environment is JDK 11, Ubuntu 20.04, PostgreSQL 14
Logs.docx (22.0 KB)

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Hi @stebu

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Other members have faced an issue updating the instance and found the following post helpful:

Would you please test and let us know if it worked for you as well?


not sure it’s the same issue I had

the interesting bit in the logs you shared

Aug 16 14:06:40 training tomcat9[305]: * ERROR 2023-08-16T14:06:40,516 
java.lang.RuntimeException: com.fasterxml.jackson.databind.exc.InvalidTypeIdException:
 Could not resolve type id 
as a subtype of `org.hisp.dhis.scheduling.JobParameters`: no such class found`

are you sure your db was running that version before ?

as a workaround you can try to delete the scheduled analytics job (don’t know the table name)

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