Error syncing TEI data


I am having issue with the sync function for tracked entities (in tracker programs). The capture app crashes when i press the sync button. Adding error message:

This is the line where the nullpointer happens:

I do get the list of tracked entities when i open a program.

Also when i create new entities or adding new events to the existing entities, they are not saved. No messages or errors are displayed so i don’t know the reason.

I believe the latest commit we have pulled is 070d06ca4879697c8fccd01058393bf3172ddf8a on 30.sept. 2.0.0_beta

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Hi @uyvt,

We’ve already fixed the branch. You should update it and everything will work :slight_smile:

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Hi @Pablo,

Thank you, that fixed it. I have a question regarding sync.
It seems like you have to be online in order to get the list of entities even tho you haven’t synced yet.
As when you press the sync button, it is displayed that “This data is stored in your device only, it is not synced with the server”. So my question is, it is possible to download and manipulate entities for offline use?


Yes, it is possible. The app works almost 100% offline (The tracked entity search has online capabilities). Every time you sync you get data from the server and it is stored in the device. So you can go offline and work with this data. If you make a change or create new data, the sync state of that record will change to the grey icon which means you have data that can be sent to the server in the next sync.

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So at the first picture, i have internet and not synced yet

The second is when i turn off the wifi, the entities is not listed even tho they are on device


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It’s a bug. There is already a jira issue to fix it :slight_smile: