Error Saving Dashboard in version 29

I fail to save a dashboard after an upgrade from version 28. The error below is returned

Error message: null value in entry: class org.hisp.dhis.dataelement.DataElementCategoryOptionCombo=null

This error has been logged in Jira. For more details in Jira



You seem to have a problem with one or more categoryoptioncomboid values - that is quite common both after upgrades and other catcombo updates, regrettably.

Have you tried to use Data Administration → Maintenance → Update category option combinations (followed by clearing the application cache in the same place, then using the browser cache cleaner)??

From my experience, that will fix many of these null value problems - easy and quick, so worth a try.


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I have tried that and the error still persists.

Is there sql script that I can run directly on the database to fix the dashboard issue?


@Stian, @phil or @varl do you have any insights into this common problem?

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