Error: relation "analytics_event_frkjatqqinj" does not exist

Hello experts,
I need your assistance on this DHIS2 analytics error:
error: relation “analytics_event_frkjatqqinj” does not exist


Hi @Bakari

Could you share the complete Catalina.out log (without sensitive / authentication info)?


it generally means that the analytics table where not generated due to unexpected error. You should follow the analytics generation progress (via the data administration screen) and perhaps through the logs of tomcat (the admin screen is generally not that helpful because it shorten the cause)

possible causes :

  • you deleted some data (or update event date) and the analytics had run before (can’t drop the deleted period table)
  • your db has no more diskspace ?
  • some data values are no more in line with their data element valueType.
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Thanks alot @Stephan_Mestach and @Gassim .
Problem solved by following Analytics generation procedures as @Stephan_Mestach said.