Error Opening Favorites report in Pivot Table

Hi Everyone!

I am facing the following error, while opening the favorite report in pivot table. I wanted to give only view rights to the user I am also sharing the rights I have created.

Code: 409

Status: ConflictPreformatted text

User: abcd is not allowed to read data for Data Element Category Option: GEUq2JxYPxO.

I have created view role with following rights.

  • See Browser Cache app

  • See Dashboard app

  • See pivot table app

  • See report app.

If I give all user can see all apps and able to edit data which I don’t want to give these rights.

DHIS2 Version: 2.29

Hosted over Bao Systems

Thanks & Regards

Fahad Raza


Hi Fahad,

you need go to the Maintenance app and find the category option with UID “GEUq2JxYPxO”. You need to click “Sharing” in the list of category options and set the “data sharing” to include that user through either public sharing, user groups or users. This might apply to more category options as well. It related to the new data level sharing which was introduced in 2.30. Please read the user docs on sharing for more detail.




Thanks lars resolved my problem :slight_smile:

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