Error on event analytics

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We have a problem to create event analytics in some 2.30 instances. The browser console gives an Internal 500 server error and if an event report endpoint is pulled the same 500 internal server error appears in the browser for this call:


However if the above api call is slightly edited as below it returns a result.


Though we have the solution for api access this still does not fix the problem to generate a report in the event report UI. Would appreciate if anyone can shed some light.



Build revision:


Build date:

2019-08-14 06:25

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Hi all,

Any comments on the above issue?


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HI @Elmarie_Claasen, tagging @Emma_Kassy and @Scott to have a look at this and advise.


Hello - I think I’m having a similar problem in 2.31.4. When creating a event report with more than one data element as a filter I’m getting an internal server error. It seems that the same change to the API call work from me (dimentions=UID >> dx=UID) as Elmaire shared. However, this doesn’t solve the issue of being able to create and visualize a report in the UI.

Was there an actual fix for this? @Elmarie_Claasen, @Scott?

Note, this is only happening for a new tracker program (the existing ones are working fine)

Hi All. Any more feedback on this issue? We seem to be experiencing the same issue mentioned.

Making use of DHIS2.34 docker version.

When creating the program from scratch, and creating DataElements that make use of Option Sets, the Event Visualizations all work fine as expected. The problem we are running into is that if we export the metadata from a working instance (All metatdata exported) and try import this into a new instance (Import is successful without errors) then the issue appears where the frontend just hangs, and the backend gets a null pointer exception.

Ive managed to track down the issue that this seems to have something to do with the Option Sets linked to the DataElements. If i try create a event visualization on a DataElement of type integer, this then renders fine, but as soon as I add a DataElement containing an option set (that was imported) it fails with the null pointer exception.

Ive did a test to see if its the DHIS2 instance itself which it isnt. I created a database dump of the working visualisations and imported this into the instance which wasnt working anymore after the metadata import via the API (and frontend)

Hi, I experienced the same issue after importing metadata. The problem is from optionsets imported. Go to each optionset and ensure you set a value in the field “Code”

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