Error on deploying DHIS2

Hi everyone,
im trying to install new instance of dhis2 version 2.39, my environment is like bellow:
ubuntu 20, postgres 12, tomcat 9 and java jdk 11.
i followed the official support for installation and im getting this after deploying


Ps: tried both url: localhost:8080 and localhost:8080/dhis
and these are some logs

Thank you for any help

Hey @ssari,

Going by the errors indicated on the first screenshot, it seems Tomcat needed some addition details i.e the various variables and also the location of the DHIS2 directory.

Go through the settings for Tomcat and DHIS2 configuration on the manual because Tomcat needs to locate those variables


@lillian1n2 Thank you for your reply.

I want to mention that i solved my issue and it was because I created files as root, and when Im launching tomcat as user ‘dhis’ the file cannot be read.
So to solve it I just i gave permission to user dhis to can read conf files.