Error Occurs When Opening Data Entry Section: Unable to List Organizations

You are probably facing this: Data entry app not loading - #18 by jaime.bosque

The solution goes by creating at least one element in these tables:

        identifiableObjectManager.getLastUpdated( DataElement.class ),
        identifiableObjectManager.getLastUpdated( OptionSet.class ),
        identifiableObjectManager.getLastUpdated( Indicator.class ),
        identifiableObjectManager.getLastUpdated( DataSet.class ),
        identifiableObjectManager.getLastUpdated( CategoryCombo.class ),
        identifiableObjectManager.getLastUpdated( Category.class ),
        identifiableObjectManager.getLastUpdated( CategoryOption.class ) ) )

So make sure there is at least, one item in your OptionSet, Indicator, etc, etc