Error : Object(s) of type `ProgramStageInstance` not found or not accessible

Hello Team,

I am facing the following issue when trying to display audit in tracked entity instance dashboard :
Object(s) of type ProgramStageInstance not found or not accessible: [lPvZLTijUxM]

I am using DHIS2 2.38.3

any help to fix this error will be highly appreciated.


Hi @Amza

Please try again using the browser’s Guest mode. Do you still face an issue? If not then it’s more probably a cache issue. :slight_smile:


Hi hi Al Gassim,

thank you for your quick reply. Unfortunately, the solution you’re suggesting doesnot work. Following to this problem, this event isnot appearing in the Linelist report when i am doing data analysis

with kind regards,


Hello, Please verify that the user have access of program stage through event report.You may miss to assign stage or share the stage to users in dhis2 trakcer

Hello Roshan,

thanks for your reply. I have access to program stage, i am able to add event to the program stage but when i click to the audit button then i got the error i posted. I just dont understand why this error. It seems even related to the analytics because i cannot see the event i created in the line list or event report.

warm regards


Was this ProgramStageInstance imported into the instance, or created directly on the instance?

You might be facing a similar issue as explained below: