Error in program rule: accidental archiving computed age of tracker program in data element used in data entry (aggregate)

Using dhis2 2.3, for tracker capture.
The form includes tracked entity attribute: tea_cv_birth date (date format)
In attempt to compute age, an error has occurred: setting a program rule where age is computed and archived in another data element called de_cv_age.
But this data element was already in use as number format in data entry (aggregate).
Since then, the program is not working well. The event report is showing empty tables, the event import is missing files.
I will be thankful if you can assist

Hi @Esumohleb,

Thank you so much for reporting your issue.

To confirm, is it 2.30 you are using?

I am tagging @dhis2-tracker here where hopefully someone can give some guidance.


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Hi there @Esumohleb,
it would be good with some more screenshots and information about what you tried. Can you take screenshots of the assign-rule that assigns the age?

It would be great with a little more information on this data element: One data element can only be used in Aggregate or Tracker at any one time, as it will have the “Domain type” set to either aggregate or tracker. Here is a data element with domain type Aggregate: and here is one with Tracker:

Thank you for the follow up
The error was corrected.

I had to delete the records updated after the misuse of dataelements, and the program did start running well.

IN total 33 records deleted.



Thank you for the follow up.

We are using 2.31.

The error was corrected once i have deleted the records updated after the misuse of the data elements.