ERROR in pivot table: Code: 409 Status: Conflict Dimension dx is present in query without any valid dimension options

Hi everyone,

I am facing a problem when I try to view data in a pivot table. I have a data element group in which one data element is causing this error when I include it in the pivot table. For the rest of data elements, everything is okay.

Any help will be appreciated.


@hernandezmachava thank you for your question!

It seems @girmat faced the same issue and solved it by reviewing the user roles and privileges, so this could be an access/sharing issue:

Comment from the Jira issue by Girma.

Please let me know if this helps, thanks!

Hi, @Gassim,

The user already has the privilege to view analytics as shown in the image below,



Yes, I understand since you are already selecting the other data elements and it works right? So maybe other authorities related to the data element that is not working when you use it?