Error in 2.35.5 version in anaytics

Hi ,

This is a bug in current version 2.35.5.

Its not letting me do any changes in the previous tables and charts and also does not let me save the graphs with any changes.

Kindly see.

Hi @Consultant, I asked for support from the backend team. It’s important that they get the details to understand the cause of this issue as well as if it is reproducible.

I’d like to quote @maikel:

It would be nice to see the server logs and the exact request/URL, as well as the JSON body/object of the HTTP request (if the operation allows one). The full HTTP response object would be interesting too.

To get the HTTP requests please open the Visualizer app then open the Console (F12) in your browser, click on the Network tab and then perform the action (save the graph) - then copy the response:

Hi Gassim,

{“httpStatus”:“Internal Server Error”,“httpStatusCode”:500,“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“could not execute statement”}

Thank you! If you could also include the server logs and the full HTTP request it would be better. If ‘Copy response’ gives you only that line then maybe copy/paste the full request.:+1:

Hi Gassim,

We checked our server logs there is no issue coming up

I seriously need help on this as we are not able to find the issue

Kindly help us as i think its a bug.


Hey @Consultant, apparently the experts need more info (or access) to debug and know what’s behind this error. I’m sorry the ‘copy’ request only copied: {“httpStatus”:“Internal Server Error”,“httpStatusCode”:500,“status”:“ERROR”,“message”:“could not execute statement”} which is not enough, so maybe a complete screenshot of the HTTP request like the following screenshot:

Let’s start with a full HTTP request since you can’t find any errors in the server logs… I’ll immediately forward your screenshot :+1: Thank you for your patience!