Error importing metadata COVID class org.hisp.dhis.reporttable.ReportTable

Hi all!

I’m trying to install the metadata packages of COVID in 2.36 core version with Sierra Leone demo data but appears all the time the error

Process failed: Not an entity: class org.hisp.dhis.reporttable.ReportTable
Process failed: Not an entity: class org.hisp.dhis.chart.Chart AJfqBZn2Pgr

It’s complicated try to import metadata because all the time appears a error.

Any suggestions?

Kind regards


Hi Eduardor,

What file are you trying to install exactly?
The version 2.36 of COVID package hasn’t been released yet.

You get this error when you try to import a 2.33 version of a package in an instance with a higher version of DHIS2.

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Hi Eduardo, in attachment a package for 2.35 version. We dont have a 2.36 version but you can try to maybe import this one and let us know. There werent significant changes to metadata in between 2.35 and 2.36COVID19_CBS_TRK_1.0.X_DHIS2.35.6-en.json (1.6 MB)

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Hi @stratosilva thanks for answer and cooperation.

Excellent i go to implement it, other point i saw interesting it’s the packages generates conflict because comes all the time with the countries so this is problem we will go to find with all packages, if you try install covid packages with sierra leone demo db you will find this conflict.

I made a clean files for country information prepare for demo, here it’s the link

Here i put the packages without the countries maybe can help others