Error during metadata import (OU_LEVEL_DISTRICT>

Good day team

Importing metadata to a 2.37 instances. I’m getting this error below;

|vclhob0deoe|Predictor||Invalid reference [<OU_LEVEL_DISTRICT_UID>] (OrganisationUnitLevel) on object IDS - Acute Flacid Paralysis outbreak [vclhob0deoe] (Predictor) for association o**rganisationUnitLevels**.

It could have been easier if error was OU_UID, where once could go to an OrgUnit and copy the uid from Show details, but in this case its says OU_Level_District. Where does one get the UID for the level? When you go to OU_Level, you only get the offline levels 1,2,3…

Yes, I also tried using the UID of a district but didnt work.

Kindly assist

tracker @Gassim @YuryR Are you perhaps able to assist?

Hi @Don_Vieira !

<OU_LEVEL_DISTRICT_UID> is a placeholder we leave for implementers to adjust based on the instance where they are going to use the package.

In your case, if you have districts configured in your system, check for the uid of the corresponding level:


You will then replace <OU_LEVEL_DISTRICT_UID> with the uid of the corresponding level and import the package into your instance.

If you are aggregating your data on a different level, assign the uid accordingly.

In case you have levels labeled as 1,2,3,4 or have not given them a name, you may do so in the Maintenance app.

Remember to respect the syntax, when you replace the placeholder with the uid.


will be replaced by i.e.

id: "OY67G4WhjQb"

Hope this helps!

Thanks @YuryR, You just made my weekend!

Worked perfectly with the api option.

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