Error debugging

hello community,

why does dhis2 give this error"Property shortName with value CIP-SLM-Financial Reports (Monthly, Quarterly, Ann on object CIP-SLM-Financial Reports (Monthly, Quarterly, Annually) [HNaiELbbugd] (DataElement) already exists on object WGhnriG3ssN" while importing a data element csv file yet i have checked in the database that shortName doesn’t exists.

I thought it is malfunctioning i deleted all the data elements in the database and i again imported the same file and it gave me this error. here is the file
Nesa data elements - Sheet1 (1).csv (6.1 KB)


shortName has a limit of 50 characters, and will fall back to the name when shortName isn’t provided.

In your case, that specific line is cut off exactly at Ann which makes the name exactly 50 characters. This is the first line where the first 50 characters match as you have a name with _obs and one without. There are many more lines that will end up duplicate in your file but that’s the first that is hitting that limit.

You could either rename them to start with obs for example, or provide shortName yourself.

You can read about the dataElement properties here: Metadata - DHIS2 Documentation

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