Enhancing data use in Healthcare Systems: A Performance Improvement and Activity Monitoring Tracker Tool on DHIS2

This abstract has been accepted at the 2024 DHIS2 Annual Conference

Enhancing data use in Healthcare Systems: A Performance Improvement and Activity Monitoring Tracker Tool on DHIS2

This presentation introduces a Performance Improvement and Activity Monitoring Tracker Tool integrated into the DHIS2 framework, designed to support performance improvement initiatives led by teams at various levels of the health system. Management Sciences for Health (MSH) is a global non profit with over 50 years of implementation experience in health systems strengthening and capacity building. Our approach to digital health systems development focuses on sustainability and transition to local government management. Key Features of the tool: Documentation of performance challenges and their root causes. Action Plans, Indicator Monitoring and Status of actions: The tool offers a platform to document a challenge model. By tracking indicator performances, projects can identify bottlenecks, streamline operations, and improve healthcare. Logging regular Meetings: It captures details of meetings held to develop the challenge model and update the status of the action plans. Payment schedule and a repository for deliverables related to the catalytic funding; a small grants program linked to the LDP+. Direct Measurable Indicators: for each action plan, the LDP+ tracker enables teams to identify and track progress of specific indicators that they envision improving through their LDP cycle. Customizable Dashboards: Data entered populates reports to enable project team members and managers to monitor the progress of their challenge cycles. They also produce data visualizations and extract data sets for further analysis. This offers a user centric experience to visualize key performance indicators specific to the challenge model and Indicators monitored. User friendly Interface: Designed with the end users in mind, the interface prioritizes simplicity and accessibility. Intuitive navigation ensures that everyone irrespective of technical proficiency, can leverage the tool effectively. Data Security and Privacy: With DHIS2’s robust security framework, the tool prioritizes data integrity and confidentiality. Implementation and Case Studies: This presentation will also showcase successful implementations of the Performance Improvement and Activity Monitoring Tracker Tool by MSH projects in Rwanda and Ghana that have used the Leadership Development program (LDP) to support the District Health Management Teams. This case study will highlight the positive impact on patient outcomes, resource optimization, and overall healthcare system efficiency. By harnessing the native capabilities of DHIS2, the tool contributes to a data driven approach to help local leaders identify and resolve health system performance issues at different levels of the health system. Integration of a challenge model, action planning, catalytic grants monitoring, and customizable dashboards empowers informed decisions making, fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Primary Author: Victoria Venda Akinyi Odingo

DHIS2, healthcare management, performance improvement, activity monitoring, data-driven decision-making.

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