End users reporting disappearing data?

Hi all! We have been having a strange issue. Several end users (about 5) have reported that they have entered data and then it just… disappeared! It’s hard to know exactly what is going on without being there during data entry (which unfortunately is impossible), but we have considered issues with connectivity, trying to enter data after their login has timed out, etc., but we can’t figure out why several people in different places are all reporting the same issue.

Is anyone else experiencing anything similar? Have you figured out what might be going on?



Hi @ctbits,

Hope you are well.
This is an unusual occurrence; which version and build of DHIS2 are you using?


Hi James! Sorry for forgetting to put that to begin with!! We run version 2.30. I’m less sure about the build - does this look correct: 82fb631?

Thank you!

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