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Can we use DHIS2 to manage employee records (as HR System)? if yes please put some lights, how to create?

Jan Agha Stanikzai

Hi @janagha
DHIS2 is very flexible, but in my opinion, it would not be a suitable HR management system. Having said, that, it really depends on what you mean by “employee records”. If all you need to do is to collect certain basic information about employees, then you could perhaps create a tracker program and “enrol” them to collect various details. That should work fairly well I think.

But HR systems typically have features to deal with payroll, vacation, performance reviews, educational history and a lot more. Again, these could potentially be represented somehow in a tracker program, but my gut tells me that you would run into a lot of limitations pretty quickly.

DHIS2 has primarily been designed to collect and analyze aggregate health information data, events, and tracker related programs. It is not a hospital management information system, a logistical information system, or an human resources information system, which typically all have very different features and capabilities. The software may be able to perform some of what these more specialized systems do, but I would say it would not be a suitable choice as a replacement for these examples.

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Dear jason
Millions thanks for your support and assistance, yes it would be difficult to deal with limitation in DHIS2 to develop proper employee management system.

Jan Agha Stanikzai

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