Embedding DHIS2 Dashboard to sharepoint or similar web platforms

Dear Community Experts,

Has anyone of you done embedding a dashboard for public or public to intra-company in SharePoint like web platforms?

Do you have any recommendations or strategies to adopt on this topic?

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@jthomas this might be an out of the box feature in future releases; however, maybe designing your own external dashboard and using the API to retrieve the live information? I don’t know of a reliable and secure way to embed the whole dashboard app since it requires login.

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Hi @jthomas @Gassim

Yes, @Gassim is right regarding security matter to get an access to whole desktop dashboards. Additionally I would suggest just use API to retrieve data, as you will get freedom of selecting your own design of data/charts/table presentation.

Plus it will avoid to expose your temp user’s credentials.


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Thanks @Gassim and @Ulanbek Yes

But in some other visualization platforms like superset they have an option to embed dashboards with single-signon/authentication token and using iframes.

Even in dhis2 we have a feature of embed dashboards in event reports where they generate the code for us, so was thinking may be we can do even in dashboards

Thanks @Ulanbek and @jthomas ! :slight_smile:

Yes, you are right and I think this is a planned feature for DHIS2 to have public facing portals that can include dashboards; however, as @Ulanbek probably the best way now is using an API. :slight_smile: