Embedded SQL views and HTML reports in Dashboard

There is so much analysis possible within sql views including for performance monitoring, take advantage of all those SQL data analysis functions that are currently not available through pivot table. Unfortunately these analyses remain hidden away in the view and there is no way of showing them on the dashboard.

Fortunately there is [this ticket](Jira Link: [DHIS2-124] - Jira) that I feel can really resolve this issue and it would be great if prioritized for development.

I look forward to all your comments and support on this.

In the dashboard, add support for embedded SQL views and HTML reports. In other words, the output of the SQL view and HTML report should be rendered directly in a dashboard widget. It should be possible to search for SQL views and HTML reports in the search field based on the names of those objects.
Link: Jira Link: [DHIS2-124] - Jira


Love this idea and MSI would be really interested in this feature. One issue we have with SQL views is there is no way of limiting results to user permissions (that is, if a user has SQL view execute access, they will see all results no matter what org unit / program / dataset access they have). It is also impossible to workaround in the view itself by joining onto user permissions, since the user tables are protected.

Wonder whether this could also be looked into with this issue, so that views on dashboards would only show relevant data for that user.