Email notification setting up SMTP

Hi, i have tried to set up the SMTP but it does not work. Below are the setting that i used:

When i send the email here the message that i see “Email not sent: Sending the email to the following server failed”

did i missed something? your help will be appreciate


Based on your screen shot, it looks like you are just using random credentials? You must have a functional SMTP server connection in order for this to work. There are many different alternatives (Google, Amazon, self-hosted, etc) with different pros and cons.

Regardless of the route you chose, you will need working credentials on a server in order for it to work in DHIS2.

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If you want to use the google mail server, you have to specify ( is not a correct format for a mail server, but for a email address!)
Then you have to specify a valid username for the specific mail server - in case of free gmail account, it have to be something as with the relative password or better Password for App to comply with the latest safety requirements.

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