Element Name customisation in Report

We have some element names like ‘Element 1 XXX’, ‘Element 2 XXX’ … ‘Element N XXX’. We need a pivot that need to strip off the XXX from each name in the column. Is that possible in DHIS2 available reporting structure, or I have to do a custom HTML report?

Hi Mahmud,

I don’t think you can transform names in the analytics. But do you want to do this for all reports, rather than just one specific report?

If so, you could keep the full name (with the XXXX) as ‘name’, then put the shorter name you want (without the XXX) into the ‘short name’ for each data element. You then go to ‘system settings’ | ‘appearance’ and change “Property to display in analysis modules” from ‘name’ to ‘short name’ - this will now show the name without XXXX in all reports. (The long name, which I’m guessing is designed to display data elements in a particular order, will still be shown throughout the rest of the system.)

Cheers, Sam.

Well, it’s a little more complicated than that. We have elements like these -

Product-1 Closing Balance
Product-1 AMC
Product-1 MOS
Product-2 Closing Balance
Product-2 AMC
Product-2 MOS
…for N products. We want a table that shows 4 columns or a pivot with 3 value columns -

Product - Closing Balance - AMC - MOS
Product N

You can see here that the first column is ‘virtual’, noting exist as ‘Product-X’. If we want to use short name, we can put ‘Product-1’ in one of the 3 elements, because short names do not allow duplicate also.

Any idea?