Electronic Immunization Registry Package doesn't allow other user to view or enter Entity attributes

Hello community

After downloading Electronic Immunization Registry Package over here https://dhis2.org/metadata-downloads/ as it require to import the metadata as an Admin It successfully import the package

Under sharing settings, I share Entity(Person) and Program (Electronic Immunization Registry) with the stages to the users who should have access to the program but the problem is users can not access the Entity

I installed the package on Dhis2, version I thought this version had challenges so I upgraded to, then 40.1.0 but still it doesn’t show anything

I tried to reproduce the problem in play instances but I couldn’t install the package as it’s requiring the admin admin right

Here is the picture

Also, nothing was found in catalina.out

Any help will be much appreciated.

Hi @Meky

Please what do you get when you click on the TEI? Thanks!

Hello @Gassim

Thanks for responding.

Here is the picture taken when clicking the TEI

This error only appears to users who are not superuser For superusers, the TEI can be seen

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Hello @Gassim kindly waiting for your answer

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Hi @Meky ,

Sorry you are running into these issues.

Could you share what permissions (user role and user group) your test user has?

And also see the section on recommended User Roles in the Installation Guide

Here for example is a list of permissions associated with the “Data Capture” user role on DHIS 2

Maybe you are missing “F_TRACKED_ENTITY_UPDATE”?

Finally, please also ensure that the Entity(Person) has sharing settings “Data - Can Capture and View” with the relevant user group.

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