EHR Integration with National reporting DHIS2 platform

The complete HMIS report is integrated in NepalEHR. It provides aggregated platform for entire national HMIS report, where data can be pushed directly from NepalEHR into national DHIS2 platform. The data integration module in NepalEHR is now tested in Bayalpata hospital, live server data source validated and is being successfully used in another two PHCCs and a 50 bedded hospital since almost a year.


Hi Diwash,

Many thanks for sharing this initiative - this is a huge time-saver for staff, and I’m sure will also result in much higher data quality in HMIS reports.

I’m very interested - how do you handle late updates to the EHR? For example, if staff do an upload to DHIS2 for January, and then during their February data-entry they notice a significant mistake or omission in a January patient’s data and correct it, is that late update reflected in DHIS2? If so, is it done as a re-submission of the January return, or as an adjustment via the February return? (This is a very common challenge for generating official reports from live systems, so I’d be very interested in understanding whether/how you’ve been able to resolve it.)

Regards, Sam.

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Hi Sam
Thanks for keeping interest in integration. It is really time saving for us to report (monthly 18-25 pager report) programmatic data to government.
We used to face the problem in late updates. After using this integration module since last year, we’ve been able to find out errors/updates in time and built mechanism to clean data before submission. Importantly, we do auto sync data in gov. DHIS2 server.
These days, our clinicians and program focal person review their data time to time and inform our IT team if there is some mistake. Also, informatics officer review our programmatic data before making final submission to DHIS2 and make data complete for the month.
Please feel free to discuss more if my answer doesn’t fulfill your quest.