Education Management Information System (EMIS)

Hello friends in dhis2 community
Happy to join dhis2 community. I am a new beginner from scratch to this wonderful platform.
I work in educational department using dhis2 as EMIS
I need fully support from you side, if you please, of course which we do appreciate so much!
Here is the issue: I decide to shift all my office access data written in Arabic to dhis2 including fotos of the student! Is it possible to import all the data without losing any disorder or information? And how large information does it support? THX

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Hello El HachKgalil

Welcome to the DHIS 2 community. Regarding your question, yes you can Import your data from any of the following format ADX XML, DXF 2 XML, JSON, CSV or PDF files, into the DHIS2 using the Import/Export application as show in image 1

Image 1; IMPORT/EXPORT application on DHIS2

Unfortunately, you have not indicated what your import data format is, but below I have included some images for importing an excel/CSV data file into DHIS2

Image 2; excel sheet data structure to import Data elements into DHIS2

Image 3; Excel sheet data structure to import Data values in DHIS2

NOTE; Please ensure your DHIS2 database language is in the preferred language you plan on importing your data. (Hint. Can be found on the profile settings)

More Information on the CSV Import format can be found the link: Web API - DHIS2 Documentation

In response to your question about the amount of data that DHIS2 can handle, this is dependent on the size of your server and the size of your database.

I hope our response is able to solve the issue you were facing.

With :hearts: from the Dhistance Team. The Easiest DHIS2 Setup. Up and running in 5 minutes!

No technical knowledge needed! Great Support with Data Security/Confidentiality.

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Thank you very much for your quick reply.
I am looking forward to your technical wherever we need it.

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