Editing determinants in Bottleneck Analysis App

Hi all, I wanted to ask.

I have tried installing and using the Bottleneck Analysis App and the experience is smooth, but

  • Can someone manually add or remove or edit the determinants? also

  • Is it possible to add more than 3 indicators per the determinant?


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Hi @Josue,
Thank you for posting to the community! “The BNA App [that you’re asking about] is developed and maintained by the HISP Community (UiO, HISP-Tanzania and HISP Uganda) in collaboration with UNICEF.” So hopefully we’ll get an answer sooner! (:

In case you don’t get an answer sooner, have you seen the BNA documentation in docs.dhis2.org?


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Dear Mutabazi,

Thanks for raising this to the community. The BNA currently do not support addition, rearrangement, or deletion of the determinants as well as addition of more than 3 indicators per determinant. This is because of the following:

  1. To comply with the Tanahash model that has six determinants per intervention in specific arrangement form
  2. The BNA analysis is thought to involve related indicators from commodity to the effective coverage to understand the barriers to the quality health service provision. The selected indicators are ‘tracer indicators’ (the ones that well represent the status of the service in the determinant group for the particular intervention), therefore it was thought a good representation can be achieved by one, two or three indicators.

If you have very specific requirements for your implementation, you are welcome so that we can discuss and understand it better.