Edit Indicator Issue

Dear team,

I have an issue editing an indicator. When I click on Edit Numerator or Denominator, the data element page shows a blue progress bar however, data elements are not loaded. I had the issue in 2.27 and it persists in 2.30. A screenshot is attached

Kindly assist.

Dr David,

Health Informatics Support Unit

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me too, in dhis29.

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HI @linxd,

Which build of Version 2.29 are you using?

I have seen JIRA tickets on the same and an earlier fix to this on Version 2.22 on DHIS2 -751 and one on DHIS2 - 4912 that @birkbjo is working on. We can follow up on the tickets as we await updates from the team on this.


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build from newest version 2.29 cod e of github


@linxd Have you tried using the war file from the dhis2.org downloads page?

The error suggests that the postgis extension is not installed in the database you are trying to connect. But if you can deploy the latest war and share the startup logs with us. It would be helpful for us to confirm the assumptions.

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I will try