Dynamic proxies in the app platform

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The proxy parameter in the dhis2 cli has been super useful for my development workflow so thanks for that! I have an app that connects to other DHIS2 instances currently using PATs, however there is a need to connect to DHIS2 instances which do not currently support PATs (<2.37). They are requesting I just allow them to login with their username and password but I know this is not secure unless you use a proxy of the server. At the annual conference I heard mention of dynamic proxies being worked on as part of the app platform, which is exactly what I need! So I was just wondering what the status of this app platform feature is at the current time?

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Hi @plinnegan,

Would you happen to remember which session was this? If you could point me out to the session so we could inquire further.

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Hi Gassim!

Thanks for the response, I’ve had a chat with Austin and I think he will be putting an update here when he has the time, so no worries on this one! :slightly_smiling_face:


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Hi @austin any update from the app platform team on this yet?