DXF 1 end of life

Hi all,

in the upcoming version 2.11 we will retire the old exchange format referred to as DXF 1. In the new version we have completed the implementation of DXF 2, which is a more modern and robust exchange format.

The reasons why we will remove DXF 1 support are:

  • Name uniqueness on several objects have been removed. DXF 1 is matching objects on name during import, which is no longer safe.

  • It is confusing to end users to deal with two different formats.

  • The complexity of the code-base can be reduced.

Please note that this only affects exchange of meta-data, like data elements and organisation units. Exchange of data values (records) have been using DXF 2 since version 2.9.

So in effect this means that if you need to exchange meta-data, either all systems involved must be on version 2.11, or all systems involved must be on version 2.10 or earlier.