Duplicate Event Rendering Error in Tracker Capture App


We have a tracker capture implementation running in production for Nepal national tuberculosis program based on DHIS 2.30. We had same issue on DHIS 2.26, some non-admin users are unable to access a particular program stage and add events to it.

Attached is the inspector error when it happens.

http://errors.angularjs.org/1.3.15/ngRepeat/dupes?p0=dhis2Event in eventsByStage[currentStage.id]

It seems that the rendering of events fail because somehow there are duplicate events (?). Where should we look further to dig into this issue?

Naval Shrestha
IT Officer
Save The Children

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Hi @Naval, I have now pushed a possible fix to version 2.30, 2.31 and 2.32. This fix should be available for download after a new build has been run.


Hi @lukasewvd, We tried with the DHIS 2.30 build from February 3, 2019. Events do render now but there are duplicate values for each event added to the program stage.

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Hi, I have responded to your message regarding this issue. Just writing this to let others with the same issue know that the issue was caused by having duplicate “widgets” listed in the TEI dashbord layout configuration located at: api/userSettings/keyTrackerDashboardLayout. This issue can be resolved by DELETING the layout manually.