Duplicate a dhis2 serveur

Hello everyone, I would like to know is it possible to duplicate a dhis2 server. If yes, how to go about it. thanks in advance.

Hi @Dan_Djari_Harouna,

What means - duplicate a dhis2 server?
Physically duplicate - copy whole DB into another dhis2 instance, or just copy metadata? Is there replication required?


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Thank you very much @Ulanbek for your response.
I would like to say this: I have a working dhi2 server that is online at a host, can I create a copy of this dhis2 instance (copy all the database and metadata to another dhis2 instance?) of this server in order to set up another server by changing the domain name.

In general yes, it is easy to do. Just make backup of your DB and extract on your new DHIS2 instance.
Are you using PostgreSQL?
Regards, Ulanbek


Well received @Ulanbek. In fact I host my server at BAO systems.

In that case you must have your access to management tools. There you can download your copy of DB for the certain date, and unzip it, then just use psql command to copy into your local/remote DB

Regards, Ulanbek