Dry run data import

Hi all.

I want to import data into a data set in the DHIS 2. Before importing the data, I did dry run, but something is strange is happening. The file contains data for period that has no data. Why is the result of the dry run showing 564 updated while there is no data already uploaded in the system?


Hello @dmbantu ,
I think the system may consider a blank as a value (N/A), So it will change the existing values to blank.

Hi @jamal_aljadan,

in my CSV file, all data elements have values. None is blank.


Sorry, I understand that there is no data in your file.

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Hi @jamal_aljadan,

What I mean by this is that there is no data in the DHIS 2, but after dry run, I see 564 updated.


These might be ‘soft deleted data values’ which are kept in case the deletion was by accident but after permanently deleting, you will not be able to recover the deleted info.

Please use the Data Administration app first → Maintenance page:

You might want to run the Analytics Tables export after the above step. Then clear your browser cache and try again.