Dropdown in DHIS2

Hi all,
Is this possible in DHIS2
I choose 12 after the description is populated automatically
(DHIS2 v 2.40)


Yes, it is possible. Just assign new value which you need


If you want the description to be automatically populated when the user chooses Ligne then you will have to configure a program rule. You can see more on how to create program rules here


It’s okai in program rules
[Rule Expresion]
[Rule Action ]
Assign value: ““Gestion de programme”” to field

But is the value returned is in an array (in set option for example)

If the field is configured with option set then you will have to select what to assign from a list of the options in the option set. But if does not have an option set configured then you will have to provide a value. the value can be static.

You will also have to create a program rule for each of the values you want to auto-assign.