Downloading csv file for list of Covid-19 Tacked entities using Arabic Language

HI Dears
I am using v 2.33.2
The file downloaded looks like (attached) for all Arabic words

Appreciate ur quick response

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Hi @alshaygi,

Thank you for reporting your issue!

@antonia, I know you are working with instances in Arabic. Do you have the same issue? Is this a DHIS2 issue or perhaps WIndows/Excel issue?


Dear @Karoline and @alshaygi,
We have not installed the COVID-19 module, but only used some specific solutions added to our surveillance system.
But to help you, I made a simple test on the COVID-19 Demo server - Tracker:
inserting a Name and Surname in Arabic and it seams that the problem is not present on the Demo installation, both on the web interface and on the download file - (opened with Excel and Google sheet) (see the images). I think it can be problem with the character set of the computer/server of the installation or where the file is opened.
I hope I have been of help.

Dear @alshaygi,

expending on @antonia’s reply, could it be the encoding are you using to read the csv file in Excel?

You may want to try the following:

  1. Open a new blank excel file
  2. Import the data via File > Import
  3. Select the type “CSV file” and browse to the csv file you have exported from dhis2
  4. In the import wizard select “Delimited” data and “UTF-8” as file origin
  5. Then select “Comma” as the delimiter
  6. Finally select where to import to and Finish

Hoping this helps.


Thank you very much @antonia for testing and for @Matthieu for expanding on it!

Hope it helps, @alshaygi, please let us know.

Best regards,

Thanx @Karoline @Matthieu @antonia and sorry for being late
it was fixed using google sheet also when i downloaded as XML file it was opened as excel with Arabic words.

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@alshaygi, great! Thanks for the feedback.

@antonia @Karoline @Matthieu Hi once again
Another issue in same regards that , downloading for the custom working sheet doesn’t work using different format XML CSV JSON and different browser

@alshaygi, Could you describe what is the expected behaviour? Should all items of the ‘Custom working list’ be displayed in arabic?

Thanks @Matthieu
The file doesn’t download if I did any customization for the working list ex: (selecting children, starting date, Score , …)
it isn’t an issue of Arabic language.