Downgrading Capture app under Android 12 blocked

'm using Android 12 and I am unable to install Capture app 2.5.2 or earlier after removing 2.6.2 - whichever .apk I’m using just gives a “Cannot install, package is invalid” message. (I can re-install 2.6.2, but that version has problems).

What is the way around this? It seems to be some kind of generic problem…


Hi @Calle_Hedberg . It seems you found a work around as there is an issue with the App leaving some stuff in the phone while uninstalling. This looks more like an Android OS issue than from the App itself. Could you please post here your work around for others to find it in case of finding the same problem?


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I finally figured out a way around this block. NOTE here that I initially uninstalled DHIS2 Capture the usual way: by holding the icon until you get those small options, one of them being uninstall. There must be something wrong with that method (uninstall instructions bundled with the package???).

To fix the “invalid package” block, I did the following:

  1. I reinstalled 2.6.2, and played around with it (logged in etc).

  2. I reset the Capture app

  3. Went to settings → apps, open the DHIS2 training app, and deleted all data plus the cache.

  4. I then uninstalled the app itself from the Settings->Apps location.

  5. I then downloaded 2.5.2 again, and it now installed.

I cannot be 100% sure, but it looks to me like some data or cache content are left behind when uninstalling the “normal” way - and that remnant subsequently blocks any downgraded version from being installed.

I have not built installation packages for many years, and never on Android, but the way it was done in the elder days was to include uninstallation instructions when the package was built (to e.g. delete data folders, clean out registry items, etc). So the Android team should carefully check if the .apk is missing some piece that result in the remnant being left behind…

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