Does the DHIS2 App Platform include support for other JavaScript frameworks like Angular or Vue, or is it just React?

Hi everyone,
So I’m very much new to DHIS2 and I’m trying to learn how to develop an app on DHIS2. Thing is I only have experience with Vuejs and from the App Platform, I see that it only supports Reactjs. So I’m just wondering if by any chance it supports other JavaScript frameworks.


Hi @Nonso,

Welcome to the community! Thank you for your question! :tada:

I’m taking the DHIS2 App Developer academy (we just finished the last live session today, actually) and yes we learned that to develop a web app, we need to use React.js to be able to develop a DHIS2 app.

BTW, I learned from the UiO course (which was shared as a prerequisite to enroll in the academy) that Reactjs is not a framework, it’s actually a JavaScript library, and this is why I’d like to invite you to check out this course: (link in page which mentions what Reactjs is but please check out the whole course, Introduction to React : Development in platform ecosystems)

There are many references and resources that could help you easily get started as a developer who already has experience in another language such as Vuejs. I’d like to invite you to watch the presentations from the DHIS2 App developer academy:

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Thank you so much. I’ll definitely check out the links you shared.

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