Does optionSet and options work on DE in Tracker Stages

I am trying to use optionSet for data element in the tracker program. I had set the option and optionSet for the data element. And I assigned the data element in one of the stages. Then I added the data element to the data entry form.

When I open the Capture app and check the data element in the section the dropdown is blank.

I noticed that the data elements with optionSet work only on tracked entity attributes and in the profile.


I tried to reproduce this but it’s working. I went added the option set Gender to the Birth stage in the child program and when I opened the stage in the Capture app I was able to view the options.

Please make sure to clear the browser cache (check in Guest mode to be 100% sure it’s not a browser cache issue). What version of dhis2 are you using? If it is not a cache issue please check if there are any logs in the Network tab.


@Gassim I followed your instructions and do some other stuff and it’s working now. Thanks

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Hi @jetisco4u

Thanks! Please feel free to share what worked so we can mark the solution. :+1:

@Gassim I actually took the actions before your post came in so I was not too sure of which of my actions did the magic. But I new I cleared the cache, I assigned optionSet id to the data element json payload as well as assigned data element id to the optionSet payload before importing the file. I don’t know which of them did the magic. I was still waiting for response when I noticed that all of a sudden the dropdown showed the options.