Documents (files) Migration between DHIS2 server instances

Hi All

how do I migrate at once all documents (files in the Reports → Resource App) from server A to server B with all their contents.

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HI @kwebihaf,

I hope you are doing great today. A quick follow up on this; did you manage to migrate your documents to the new server? Kindly let us know.


Yes, I did migrate the documents to the new server using a manual method. ie Exporting the documents using API from the Old server and Importing them into new server using also api. Note that the UIDs of the documents are different in both servers.

My requirement was to have the UIDs of the documents in both servers the same but wasn’t possible.

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Hi @kwebihaf, Did you try doing a metadata dependancy export from server A to server B on the Import/export app?

Via the UI, metadata dependency export has no option for exporting documents (files)

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