Docker DHIS2 Installation


We are trying to install DHIS2 using the latest DHIS2 docker images in a different context path than Root.

This is what we have in the documentation:

To deploy DHIS2 under a different context then root (/) configure the context path by setting the environment variable

CATALINA_OPTS: "-Dcontext.path='/dhis2'"

DHIS2 should be available at http://localhost:8080/dhis2

But even with that, the application is still deployed under root /.

Do you know what else we can do to achieve that?

Thanks in advance.

Hello @diallotafsir52

Welcome back to the community! :tada:

Please run the following:

docker exec [container_name] echo $CATALINA_OPTS

Is the result the same as the expected configuration? If it is then did you stop the docker container and restart the Tomcat instance?

If yes to both questions, then please review other configurations… the change you made is correct so it must be something conflicting with the path of the instance.