Do we have SARA tool metadata made available in DHIS2?

Hello DHIS2 Community,

Greetings, Do we have Service availability and readiness assessment (SARA) program metadata made available for free-to-use ?

Would like to contemplate whether we shall build from scratch or re-use if it’s existing.

Thank You Champs


Hi @jthomas we don’t have SARA metadata at the moment (though several countries such as Lao PDR and Uganda have implemented SARA-like surveys in DHIS2). We are currently working with WHO and Global Fund on a routine Health Facility Attributes metadata package that contains a subset of the WHO’s Harmonized Health Facility Assessment (HHFA) questions about facility service availability/readiness. The HHFA builds upon the older SARA tool. The idea behind this package is to include a sub-set of basic information that the facility can self-report on a routine (e.g. annual/semi-annual) basis in between larger surveys like the HHFA – but excludes content that requires observation/independent verification. Content would include things like number of IPD beds, number of various types of staff, availability of certain equipment, services offered, etc.

I believe we will have a beta package in the next couple months and can share here on the COP when it’s ready. Is there a particular country you’re working with?