Do I need to set organisation units for categoryOption?

I am having difficulty capturing data for some of my COCs. I want to find out if I have to set organisation units for categoryOptions before they can work.

Any help here?

May be please explain the problem with screenshots, so that we can get more idea on the problem.

In general for each category we do have organization units which can be assigned and sharing settings for user/usergroups. so it matters

I am using this in a custom app and the COC data will be captured and appear in the database but doesn’t appear in the Data Capture and Data Visualizer app. I did share the categoryOption with a user group.

That is why I want to confirm whether it is compulsory I assign OUs to the options.

Does assigning to orgunits solve our issue? or even after assigning orgunits it still doesnt appear in Capture and visualizer? Also which version are you using

I was working in my dev instance. It seems after many experimenting I have some duplicate COC. So I deleted the database. Upgrade to and start all over. I still didn’t assign OU but now it is working as expected.

I had to also properly handle sharing setting.

However if I click one of the categories in the maintenance app, instead of opening for edit, it will display the message Can not add a Model without id to a ModelCollection.

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This error might be a sign that the isue is from the database. To be 100% sure if it’s from the database or not, install a new database to the same instance, if the issue is gone then it’s the database. This means you’d need to check the UIDs of the categories directly from the database and make sure the UIDs are valid.


I had to delete the database and install a new one. But I am wondering how should one handle this in a production instance.

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Thanks @jetisco4u! Did you try to make the changes to the affected UIDs directly on the database? In a production instance, if the database is the one affected, it might be necessary to make the changes directly on the DB.

In the dev instance I made changes to the UIDs but with no effect. I decided to delete the DB because it is a dev instance. That is why I am wondering if manipulating the DB in production will make any changes.

Not sure why it’d no effect but I’d expected it to be the solution!

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