Displaying text value in tracker

Hi all.

I am wondering is there a way to display some description for a group of data elements. I have grouped them using “Sections” but want to add a description about that group of data elements.

Please, anyone can help me to do this?

We are using DHIS2 Version 2.29, Build 0b4de69

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HI @MSP, I hope you are well today. Did you manage to get a fix for this issue?

Hi @jomutsani,

Unfortunately, NO. Looks like there is no such thing in DHIS2. Otherwise, someone would have answered my question.

BTW, I am new to Jira. Can you please guide me how can I raise this in Jira?

Thanks and have a good day!

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Are you talking about the description highlighted below on the data element group? or on the form section?

For JIRA tickets, you can find a useful resource here: How to Create an Account on JIRA. there is a more definitive guide for JIRA @stian is working on that will be coming to the DHIS2 Community soon.

Hi @jomutsani,

Thanks for trying. But, No. I am not talking about the description but to display a independent line of text (description for a group of data elements).

Thanks for the link to JIRA.

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@MSP - have you tried using the Sections? you can add a description under the section header…

Hi @jomutsani,

Please note I am failing to see the description for a section.

FYI, we are using DHIS2 2.29

And please note, I am talking about Tracker.

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