Display Program Notes in Table

Hi All

We have a tracker program that tracks patients through seeking treatment etc. From this, the data managers have access to a line list (pivot table) that displays various data elements from this program in a long list so that they can easily follow to check if a case has been completed and whether the program has been used effectively etc.

I am looking to add in the “Notes” captured into this table, but as this is a core feature of the tracker program, it does not come up as an option when generating the pivot table.

Could anyone advise as to whether this is 1) Possible; and if so; 2) How to go about displaying this?

In short, I would like to display the “Notes” from a tracker program in a pivot table.

Your help would be appreciated!

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Hi Terrence. To my knowledge, there isn’t a way to display text in the pivot table as it only works with aggregations. One way around could be to have this notes as a data element in one of the events and can be viewed using “Events” in the Event Reports App. If you are going to use it a tracker attribute, you might need to use SQL to extract from the database itself.

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Hey guys!
@vikwato is right, you could make a sql report to get the comments, or store comments as actual data elements/TEattributes.

Great if you could submit the use case in jira.dhis2.org.


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Thanks all for your responses. I appreciate the suggestion to create a DE/TEA labelled as notes and will use this as a temporary fix. I have also submitted an ticket in Jira: 1. DHIS2-7483 for those interested.

Thanks again for the help!