Display Indicator values from a repeatable program stage in Visualization app

Hi @Markus,

We have created a tracker program with a repeating program stage (it can be filled many times) to monitor the performance of caregivers. We have built program indicators that calculate a score/percentage for each event individually and we would like to view a score per each caregiver per event, but we are unable to display what we want in the visualization APP.

In other words, if Caregiver X has, for example, had the following scores: 73%, 80%, 56%, 45%, etc. in different events, we would like to show the scores in the same order in the visualization app. How can we achieve this?

We are looking forward to your reply


Thanks for your question!

So here the Caregiver X is the (TEI) and you have a program indicator that triggers for a specific program stage but you want to view the program indicator result per each event in the program stage?

Hi @Gassim,

Yes, the caregiver is the TEI and we want to view the Program indicator results per each event in the repeating stage.


I am not sure if I fully understand the use case, but it looks like it is possible to display the values within a line list, where each line will represent an event (event type line list).

I cannot see a way to use Data visualiser to produce visualisations for each TEI where an event will be a dimension.

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Hi @YuryR,

Use case explained in other words:

We enroll different people, and each enrollment corresponds to a specific person. The repetitive stage – it can be filled multiple times - has data elements about each person’s activities being assessed. A program indicator then computes a score for each event separately. e.g


We want to display individual scores for a given enrollment per event in the visualization like the table above

We welcome all ideas that can help us achieve this


In this case I would recommend to use the latest version of DHIS2 and try the new line-listing app that allows values from the same data element from repeating program stages in one line.

Alternatively, this list can be produced with an SQL view. There is no standard template for an sql view, you will have to configure it from scratch.

Hi @YuryR,

If I had experience in SQl views, I would go for it. Moreover, I do not have access to the database to see which tables are involved so that I can try to build a view.

Do you mean version 2.38?


Yes, please try the Line listing app in DHIS2

Re: SQL views, there is an sql view metadata object that you can use without direct access to the server.
If line listing app is not an option for you, we can look into SQL view suggestions.

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