Display, automatically, the user's name in the event form

Hi, Community
I have created a tracker program to track patients who have tested positive for the rapid viral hepatitis C test. In the event forms I want to automatically display the user’s name and phone number.

Can someone from the community show me how to do this?

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Hi @elmoujarrade,

Could you take a screenshot where exactly do you mean you want to display this info? Is this in the same Tracker Program or between different programs?


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Hi, @Gassim
I want the system to display the user’s name in the same tracker program, so the user won’t have to type in their name; its name is displayed automatically.

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Hi @elmoujarrade

In the mean time until this feature is supported there is a username valueType field, this shows the data entry user a searchable dropdown menu of all the users in the system that they have access to. Depending on how may users are in your system, the data entry user will only have to type 2-3 letters to see their user name, and because it’s from a drop down menu rather than free text there is no chance of typos.

Hope this helps!


Hi @plinnegan
Thank you for your support.
I have already tested the method you suggested, but it shows a limited number of users, I don’t know why.

Capture d'écran 2022-08-04 10.11.33

I think only the first 50-100 are displayed I believe for performance reasons, so you might need to type more into the search box for the username you are looking for to show.

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Even if we use the search field, I can’t find the majority of users, you can try, in any case it doesn’t work for me, and I don’t understand why.

Hi @elmoujarrade

I’m sorry it’s not working for you as it’s supposed to do. When you go to the api endpoint instanceURL/api/users in your instance, are you able to find the users which don’t appear in the dropdown?

You can use the filter to search for the username which doesn’t appear in the dropdown: /api/users??fields=username&filter=displayName:ilike:username

Come to think about it, I assume you are also able to find these users when you want to change sharing settings?

Please share the version number of your instance, are you able to give us access to a test instance?