Disabling the Ability to Change OU in the Stage Creation Process or Providing Flexibility to Enable/Disable OU Changes Based on Implementers' Needs

How can I prevent users from changing the organizational unit (OU) after selecting a stage record in the tracker within the DHIS2 Android app? I would like to ensure that once an OU is selected, it remains fixed for the duration of the stage record. Alternatively, is there a way to provide implementers with the flexibility to enable or disable the ability to change the OU in the stage creation process, based on their specific needs?

Hi @sami.oracle10g

If I understand your question correctly, the requirement is that these steps are enforced:

  1. Data entry user who is using the Android Capture app, enters a TEIs dashboard
  2. Creates a new stage
  3. During the creation of the new stage, the user is not allowed to select another OU?

Exactly, I want this. But unfortunately it’s not working currently in android app.

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Hi @sami.oracle10g ,

I am a bit confused about the question, but reading the original question, what I understand is that you want that user can not change the org unit of a already created record in a program stage, isn’t it?.
If so, the Android capture app already prevent this, I’ll attach a video of the use case, to see if it is what you want: Prevent_users_change_org_unit.mp4 - Google Drive

Let me know if you have any doubt.


thanks Andres! I would only add that changing the OU is not available during the creation of event - before saving- either.
The user selects an OU, then the data entry form opens. If at that moment the user goes back to details, the OU is greyed out and cannot be changed.

Can you help us understand what is the issue if not this?