Disabling "ping action" for Event Capture app

Is it even possible to turn off the ping action for event capture app? If so, has anyone done it and/or are there considerations to take into account?

It is just a way to alert the user about online/offline status when working in low connectivity environments, right? Does it affect the capabilities of those features if disabled?

Any advice, experienced or anecdotal, is welcome for discussion.

Hi there @chase.freeman!
We removed it completely most later versions from tracker capture, as it was also keeping the users session alive. Which version are you on? Did you mean Capture app, or the old event capture?


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Than you or the information @Markus!

On this instance it is 2.31.6, soon to patch to 2.32.8 and then .9 next week or so when it comes out.

I do mean “event capture“ — is it removed in the “capture” app?